World Heritage Cuisine is a project conceived to celebrate the richness of our world's culinary heritage. To launch the unique series, 27 creatives were selected to produce their own T-shirt design for each of the 27 respective countries and regions. Each culinary celebration design tells its own story, from ingredients and cooking techniques to historical details or traditional use of spices.

The best way to experience diverse cultures is through food! Each artists’ illustration will be inspired by the Classic Cuisine of his or her respective country, while paying homage to the region’s contemporary flavours, dishes and culinary scenes as well.

The creative minds from Vivid Cuisine, a collective of international artists, designers & chefs, teamed up with these talented illustrators from around the globe to conceive the World Heritage Cuisine project in an exclusive T-Shirt series to celebrate the culinary heritage of our world. 

New designs are featured every two weeks and are available exclusively on Vivid Cuisine.
You might be wondering what inspired this series of designs? The answer is simple: as an avid bunch of tea drinkers and passionate foodies, we are always on the lookout for new ways to approach cuisine culture through design. One day, while enjoying our morning cups of jasmine green tea (a delicious summer blend), it dawned on us that the world's most treasured culinary traditions could provide the perfect foundation for such an endeavour. And thus began our journey into World Heritage Cuisine!

The best way to experience diverse cultures is through food!
Our favourite thing about traveling is experiencing new restaurants and learning about the different foods from different countries. But did you know that food can be a great way to experience your own culture? That’s right, food can make you feel like you're at home no matter where in the world you are! It's definitely one of our favourite things about traveling.

Food can also be used as an art form when combined with certain ingredients or techniques using them together. For example, consider making fettuccine Alfredo - that's not just pasta bathed in cream sauce; it's also art! Or take sushi - it may look simple enough on the surface but there are many different styles of sushi depending on where you're eating them (for example: nigiri sushi vs hand roll vs in Kyoto vs in Osaka).

World Heritage Cuisine is a project conceived to celebrate the richness of our world's culinary heritage.
Let’s face it: you can never have too many tasty dishes to try. That’s why the World Heritage Cuisine project exists, to provide you with a choice of some of the most compelling culinary treats in the world, on quickly, colourful, and unique T-Shirt designs and illustrations.

Inspired by UNESCO and its partners, this initiative aims to highlight and promote the diversity of our planet's gastronomic heritage. Throughout our travels - we've already profiled over 100 places that are worth traveling to for their great food - now it's time for us to share with you these cuisines with awesome designs on various garments and coming soon - home interior!

To wrap it up!
As you can see, the World Heritage Cuisine project is an ambitious one. The idea is to celebrate the richness of our world’s culinary heritage by bringing together a diverse range of cultures and cuisines in one place through the incredible eyes and creative minds of our talented illustrators. The project is set to fully launch in Q1 2023, so for the sneak preview and to get your hands on the first designs at our special introductory prices, please visit the collection here: WORLD HERITAGE CUISINE and support the incredible artists around the world and promote the heritage cuisine of your region! 

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