Bangkok's fine dining scene has been booming over the last decade and there is one duo that has pushed the boundaries to what is now one of the world's finest dining establishments.

If you have been to Bangkok numerous amounts of times, you either stick to your old time favourites - or you try something completely new - just depends on the length of your stay this time around.

You may go to a to a local bar or three (or Wong's Place if you dare), check out the odd temple you may have not seen yet, dine in the sky hanging suspended 100m up in the air or perhaps visit some of the oddly named (but, supposedly - with a purpose) and “Trip-Advised” food joints such as "Condoms and Cabbages".


Bangkok Skyline by Thom Rigney


There’s the bustling markets, the mad traffic, the famous streets for winding down after a long day of temple visits with a couple of cold ones, some of the best massages in South East Asia and of course plenty of joints for expats to get their fix of Sunday roasts when one wants to get a little break from the local cuisine - Bangkok has something for everyone.


Sühring Exterior


Little would you expect that apart from the aforementioned beautiful and bizarre things of the Thai’s capital – that you would find one of the best restaurants in Asia and the world, to be a touch more precise – one of the best German restaurants in the entire world - Sühring.


Sühring Interior


Here comes Sühring – an identical twin brother duo that have moved from their native Germany to Thailand in 2010, after having cooked in some twin-starred restaurants in their homeland, Netherlands and Italy - to work the stoves of the luxurious Mezzaluna restaurant at La Lebua hotel….and it didn't take long to place the hotel’s restaurant on Bangkok's and Asia’s culinary map. 


The Sühring Twins by Thom Rigney


Having received rave reviews and numerous awards, such as Restaurant of the Year (The Best in Asia), Thailand's Best Restaurant, Most Unique F&B Concept and Most Exquisite Dining Experience - Western Cuisine (by Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2011-2013) whilst at the helm of Mezzaluna, offering something totally new to the capital's dining scene - a 6 course degustation menu of German fine dining, they decided to venture out on their own (and we're glad they did), little that they knew that this move - was one big step forward to the word's culinary stardom...




This was indeed possible with the help of the incredible Gaggan Anand – the four times holder of the best restaurant in Asia and in the top 10 in the world for quite a while - who became the main backer in what is now called Restaurant Sühring.


Mathias and Thomas Sühring are hard to distinguish (we still struggle to date), they look the part, they’re both incredibly polite and welcoming and everything they do is just perfectly synchronised, in a way it’s meditative to watch the two brothers at work and what better way to witness it than at the Chef’s table in their restaurant, ( which actually is nestled in their very own home )


Frankfurter Grüne Soße & Smoked Eel

The Chefs's journey to world culinary fame is inspiring to say the least and pretty “fifth-gear”. Think of a perfectly engineered German car ( as they are ) doing exactly what you want it to, how you want it to and how fast you want it to drive.


Bread, Butter & Caviar

Just one year after opening doors and humbly greeting every single diner with a warm “Welcome to our Home”, as recently as 2016 – the duo have managed to snap up some well-deserved accolades from many different publications and world’s restaurant ranking lists. 


Codfish with Lentils, Himmel & Erde

In their first year of opening – they were already in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list at #49 in 2017 and climbing to incredible #15 in 2018.


In 2019, they were placed #4 in the whole of Asia by the same list, whilst simultaneously climbing from #54 in the whole world (they first appearance on the list in 2018), to #45 just recently at the Awards Ceremony in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in 2019. 




Then came the inaugural Michelin guide to Bangkok in 2018 and the twins got 1 Michelin star in the first ever publication of the guide in the capital.


This year, they were awarded a second star and well deserved, making them only one of the 4 restaurants in Bangkok with 2* Michelin Stars along with Gaggan (closed 24th August 2019 to re-open in October), Le Normandie and Mezzaluna - which says a lot about the legacy they left behind prior to opening Sühring. 


They are also currently ranked #3 in the Top 100+ Asian Restaurants 2019, by OpinionatedAboutDining (OAD) list – compiled by over 1,000 culinary professionals worldwide.





Well, the guys are humble, so the above two paragraphs, they don't focus on (although they do acknowledge it’s nice to have) - since it’s all about their cooking and the focus on the cooking here is damn precise. The intricate and modern German cuisine in the heart of Bangkok.




There are tons of surprises, some traditional classics with a modern twist and some humour thrown in to the incredible tasting menu, which reflects their childhood memories, family recipes and worldwide travel experiences.


The dining experience here is genuine, the flavours are really authentic, the cooking techniques are traditional mixed with modern and presentation - elegant and creative, the service is and attention to detail of each guest is flawless. 

Heirloom Tomatoes & Crayfish


Hummersalat & Kastanien-Trinkessig


Büsumer Krabben Cocktail





 Amuse Bouche


Smoked sturgeon & buttermilk


 Amuse Bouche





Expect some pork knuckles, some bratwurst, some herring, some beer (well.. of course!) ….just don’t expect it to be anything like you have ever (or never) had or seen it served the same way before – all expertly prepared under their supervision with a culinary team that is so in sync that hardly any talking really is the perfect sync - all nailed down to perfection by the kitchen brigade and likewise the superb service team led by the restaurant manager Mathias Champion.

Well, the twin’s journey continues - only Buddha knows what is up their sleeves for the coming couple of years but we are certain to look forward to nothing less than more magic from the incredible duo. Next time you’re in Bangkok – add Sühring to your “must-experience-first-don't-do-anything-else” list.


©️ 2019 photography by Thom Rigney & Lauryn Ishak (Vivid Cuisine), Restaurant Sühring and the World's 50 Best. 


Restaurant Sühring No.10, Yen Akat Soi 3, Chongnonsi, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

+66 2 287 1799



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