Corporate Social Responsibility

At Vivid Cuisine, we are strong believers in the act of giving back. We measure success not only by achieving material goals but also those that are intangible, but mean so much more.

We maintain our social responsibility to help our community and especially its people, which is why we commit to giving back to our community, especially in the field of education, hospitality, and more specifically - the culinary field.

One of the organisations we strongly support is Essential Education Asia - a nonprofit that endeavors to empower the young generation with the gift of education.

Alongside this purpose, the organisation also seeks to establish a path for educated students to go into the hospitality industry, which allows us to cater to both fields by contributing to Essential Education Asia.

We value the planet earth just as much as much any farmer or producer does when they take care of their plot of land, the produce they use, the organic fertilisers, as well as the techniques practiced during every step of the process.

We have gone to extensive lengths to ensure that our practices are sustainable and in the best interest of the environment including water recycling, using organic dyes for the leather and our collection and production of cotton. For more details, please contact us on