Quality Assurance

Not only we spent years sourcing the best possible materials, developing skills and new techniques with our artisans – we have also spent a lengthy amount of time in research & development to include the strictest Quality Control practices at each step of the way.

This allows us with confidence to offer all of our creations with a promise of the highest quality you will find anywhere in the world, this is also a reflection of all of our hard work and dedication to bring the best, to the world’s best gastronomes.

We strictly believe in eliminating all the hassle when you join us to create your masterpieces with us, hence we decided to allow full focus on the creation of your tailored performance pieces – we take care of all the shipping and handling of the beautiful masterpieces.

We have also gone to extreme lengths that your creations are fully protected during their air travel to you. We have developed special casings to protect them and can guarantee you a delivery within 5 working days – wherever in the world you may be.