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Tailored Measurement Guidance




What You Will Need

Measuring Tape

Body-fit t-shirt

Someone to assist you 

The measurement tape should be in cm / mm (centimetres / millimetres)

Wearing your most comfortable t-shirt during measurement makes it easier to decide the length of sleeve you prefer as well as provide a more accurate measurement

Some measurement points are not easy to do by yourself such as:shoulders, sleeves & cuffs



The Measurement

How To Do It

Collar Size

The neck size could be done by yourself as shown on the picture, with this size info we can make the comfortable collar based on your neck size.




Jacket Length

Measured from the top of the shoulder to the length you prefer your jacket to be.



Sleeve Length

Sleeves measurement is from the shoulder bones to the edge of the sleeves and the length of the sleeves is based on your request.

The stitching line is the best guidance to put the edge of measurement tape.



Shoulder Length 

Shoulder measurement is the total length form tip to tip of the shoulder bones.

The stitching line on the shoulder is the best for  guidance on where to put the starting edge of the measuring tape.



Chest Size

The measurement of chest is taken at the largest point of your chest and all around the back in one length.


Female sample is on the right hand side.




When you measure the size of the abdomen (stomach), just make sure that it is not too high or too low - should be exactly at the center of the stomach area.



Hips / Buttocks

Bicep Size

Cuff Size

Hip and buttock size is important especially if you are planning on a longer Chef Jacket length.
Just measure your left & right bicep to make sure that both of your sleeves are comfortable inside the new jacket.

Just let us know what is size of cuffs that you expect from your new jacket.

Instead of your real wrist size - provide us with your preferred size.

Some Chefs like loose cuffs, some prefer tighter cuffs - entirely up to you!



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