Customised Plating Tweezers

Customised Plating Tweezers

The month of May saw the arrival of our long awaited Chef's plating tweezers, the  SEIDO | Monochrome Tweezers

SEIDO - meaning “precision” in Japanese is our unique chef’s tweezers for world’s top culinary professionals
who value functionality, durability, quality and aesthetics.


Eliminating glare and increasing light absorption - they make for perfect tool in brightly lit kitchens, on the hot pass, the bar
and outdoor catering events on bright days and beaming sun.


In dark lit conditions with artificial illumination in various colours, such as launch events and functions - reduces the reflection of unnecessary artificial light, allowing maximum focus on the ingredient and the job at hand and reducing strain on the eyes.

Made from highest quality stainless steel and moulded at precise angles for best accuracy in food plating and garnishing, these tweezers are lightweight, durable and can be customised with your company logo or sketch along with fully customisable and branded gift packaging for your corporate branding needs.


We accept orders of ten pieces or more from restaurants and hotels and our current crafting turn around time is 21 days from placing the order. All branding requests will be considered but for best results and precision - we focus  on engraving of logos, signatures and vector images by laser only.

20cm Offset SEIDO | Monochrome Tweezers

SEIDO | Monochrome Tweezers


The ultimate choice for Culinary Artists

Our current moulding allows for one variety of 20cm in length and we are able to craft them in straight, offset or curved styles - depending on your needs and preferences.

You can proceed on crafting your SEIDO | Monochrome Tweezers by clicking here

As of June - we have added customisable gift packaging for all SEIDO | Monochrome Tweezers to include a hardwood presentation box with laser engraving and a minimal rustic gift wrap.
A standout idea for corporate gift sets with your brand identity.