Thom Rigney | The Kitchen Archive



We are honoured to present Thom Rigney as the official series photographer with Vivid Cuisine.

 An eye like no other when it comes to capturing the hard work, sweat and tears of the hospitality professionals, street food vendors, farmers and pretty much anyone near or around food.


Thom has cooked professionally at one stage, before developing a passion for photography which took him on a journey around the world in the sphere of advertising, nature and portrait photography.


For his Kitchen Archive series - Thom draws inspiration from one of his biggest influencers - Bob Carlos Clarke who documented the renowned maestro Marco Pierre White back in the legendary kitchen of Harvey's in Wandsworth, London.


Through the years Thom has developed his own unique style drawn from his inspirations, which you can see in the series below of Bali, Bangkok and soon - Melbourne

Coming Soon...Melbourne