Vivid Cuisine Chef Jackets offer the very best in performance, style and comfort. We have spent years designing and refining our ideas, in order to create our 'best in class' tailored Chef apparel.

Each and every garment is crafted by hand using our specially engineered Tsukisho® Cotton, Pima SuperSoft, or the world's first Chef Jacket in Organic Bamboo Cotton - by our Japanese textile experts for enhanced breathability, reduced creasing and enhanced shape retention.

Why Professionals pick our jackets

 Superb and Sustainable Cotton Selection

Our high quality cotton

We have spent a considerable amount of time in Research & Development with our Japanese textile experts to engineer our very own cotton selection. Our cotton like no other when it comes to Chef's most important garment and a true revolution of textile in the world of gastronomy and kitchen wear.

Enhanced Breathability

Breathable Chef Jackets

With our very unique thread pattern and count – the 100% cotton is crafted to ensure maximum breathability without losing the character of a professional and classic Chef's jacket through enhanced shape retention, all thanks to our expert textile finishing.

Ergonomic Collar Design

Our carefully design Chef Jacket Collars enhance comfortability

Time to say goodbye to slipping aprons on your neck and those inside stains from prolonged hours in the heat. Our collar is designed for purpose and to enhance the comfort of every Chef out there. We believe that these small details come together in an ergonomic synergy.

Maximised Airflow

See how our Jackets help keep air moving

By calculating the flow channels and the distance between the body and the fabric, we were able to introduce the exact measurements that follow your body shape as well as allowing for the maximum amount of air to flow, without overheating or being trapped.

Tailored Performance

Our tailoring service

Our skilled craftsmen and designers have covered every millimetre of the Chef Jacket with rigorous testing and combined their expertise with some of industry’s finest culinary artists in order to finally provide a Chef Jacket that is ultimately you.

Unlimited Personalisation

One of our beautifully personalised Chef Jackets

Virtually all fonts and colours are at your disposal when it comes to our precision embroidery, which can also be placed anywhere on the jacket. Our personalisation options allow you to choose your pocket quantities, sizes and locations.

Irritation Free

A careful design means no irritation

It’s time to respect your skin and give it the protection it deserves. Our Kanpeki and Yakunitatsu unisex Chef's Jackets have a soft cotton stitching protection throughout the whole interior and this is the world's first for a culinary garment, leading the way in tailor innovation.