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Drunken Noodles

Drunken Noodles

Drunken Noodles

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Highest quality prints from the Hahnemühle laboratory on PhotoRag® Ultra Smooth fine art paper ensures a distinctive depth to the fine art photography. 


Perfect as gifts or for personal collections as well as interior decoration of culinary establishments.

All print sizes are shipped in waterproof and rigid containers via secure Air Mail and delivered anywhere in the world - free of charge.



About Raan Jay Fai

This incredibly simple yet tremendously famous eatery is run by a 74 year old lady known to the locals and the regular patrons as “Sister Mole”. “Jay” meaning “sister” while “Fai” means “mole”. Raan Jay Fai literally means “Sister Mole Restaurant”


The prawns here are humongous, the flavours - authentic, crab omelettes are not shy of hefty dollop of the white crustacean meat inside. Yet the biggest highlight is Sister Mole working the magic at her Wok station. In parts surreal, at times dangerous - but nonetheless a true, passionate and dedicated Chef - in full control.


In December 2017, with the inaugural edition of Michelin Guide in Bangkok - Raan Jay Fay was the only local eatery in the country to get a Michelin star and she was even reluctant to close the restaurant for half a day to attend the awards ceremony.


The best chefs knife roll on earth !!!
Me and my good friend Anton at @vividcuisine used to cook together in a busy London kitchen🇬🇧 

Now he has a company making these personalized cases and many other quality chef items. Huge congratulations on all the success mate!

Kirk Westaway

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Vica Mileva

Received the item very quickly and perfectly. The product looks nice and pretty solid. Thank you very much!


Maud Marks

Gorgeous aprons, ordered already several pieces for colleagues, all very satisfied! Fast delivery, the quality is super. Highly recommend! 


Ernestina Hermann