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Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks

Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks

Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks

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From cooking to adding delicate garnishing to reaching for that last dumpling or piece of roast pork from across the table., a couple of chopsticks can work in myriad ways and are a must-have in every home—not only for the people who appreciate Asian food.

Be it a Chinese dish or a Japanese delicacy, chopsticks are a beautiful addition to any dinner table setting. These light wood chopsticks with a clear lacquer finish add a natural warmth to your table. Simple, elegant, and durable enough to use every day, this attractive Japanese-style pair of chopsticks is 9 inches long, with square ends and smooth tips.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS Wooden chopsticks are traditional in China, Japan and Southeast Asia. The Japanese-styled wooden chopsticks are good choices in cooking and eating. The material of totally natural heath wood is durable and skin-friendly, Hand washable & Dishwasher safe. Bamboo chopsticks are better than wood because bamboo chopsticks do not breed bacteria as wooden chopsticks do.

ECO-FRIENDLY Bamboo is a renewable resource that doesn't require pesticides or clear-cutting; entire forests can regenerate within five years, so these chopsticks are not only gorgeous, but they're also better for the environment than many other options.

AUTHENTIC DESIGN These chopsticks are hard and compact, light and easy to handle, with no deformation and bending. Winding design, beautiful and stylish, unique. The high-quality bamboo wood is not prone to insects and mold, strong and durable.

STRONG & DURABLE Blunt tapered chopsticks provide more surface area for holding food and for pushing rice into the mouth. Japanese, Chinese, and other Asian cuisines use these beautiful wooden bamboo chopsticks. It is approx. nine inches long non-toxic, on-allergic, pure natural wooden Chopsticks.

UNIQUE AND FRIENDLY No doubt it is a unique gift for your friends and family. These natural chopsticks are great for everyday use, home party as well gift items for any purpose or occasion. These are made of carefully selected high-quality bamboo and food-grade lacquer from a lacquer tree.

(Selling in Sets of 5 = 10pcs)

Customer Reviews

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Anabel Pacocha

Çok tatlı ve aynı mağazadan stand aldım. Harika, bayıldım. Kawaiiii ^w^ <3

Toney Thompson

Muy bonitos, igual que la descripción

Brian Emmerich

love these, will order one more set :)

Mara Conn

Огонь палочки!

Herminia Rice

Осень хорошее качество за такие деньги!! Красивые


The best chefs knife roll on earth !!!
Me and my good friend Anton at @vividcuisine used to cook together in a busy London kitchen🇬🇧 

Now he has a company making these personalized cases and many other quality chef items. Huge congratulations on all the success mate!

Kirk Westaway

Elegant and safety packaging with premium quality goods! Recommended for you who looking for nice and fine tweezer with laser engraving your sign or name. This is so cool stuff! 

Excellent service to let you know about whole the process from the beginning until you'll get the guidance how to clean and care of the tweezer, after you received it. Thank you for Vivid Cuisine's team! The result is very satisfying and i would recommend to all my colleagues!

Vica Mileva

Received the item very quickly and perfectly. The product looks nice and pretty solid. Thank you very much!


Maud Marks

Gorgeous aprons, ordered already several pieces for colleagues, all very satisfied! Fast delivery, the quality is super. Highly recommend! 


Ernestina Hermann