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Tailored Chef Jackets

Look no further for the world's most fully customised unisex Chef's jackets with the 

KANPEKI | Your Perfect Jacket and YAKUNITATSU | Pure Performance Jacket

from Vivid Cuisine


Kanpeki | Your Perfect Jacket | Tailored Chef's Jacket
KANPEKI - meaning “perfection” in Japanese is our specially engineered long-sleeved Chef's jacket with ergonomic features and stitching not previously seen in the world's kitchens.


Yakunitatsu | Pure Performance Jacket | Tailored Chef's Jacket

YAKUNITATSU - meaning “useful” in Japanese is a short-sleved performance jacket aimed at busy culinary professionals for prolonged hours in the hot environment


All of our jackets are packaged just as carefully as they are crafted, allowing them to become perfect gifts. All of our the materials used a environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Our unique mesh system is deigned to allow air inflow without being see-through, for ultimate comfort and confidence when working in open kitchens or events.


Our embroidery is fully customisable with a variety of fonts, colours and positioning points around the jacket. For specific logo embroideries of any kind - please contact us prior to placing your order.


For restaurant team orders - please contact us for creating the perfect chef jackets for every member of your team.

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